The sixth International Conference on Ultrawideband and Ultrashort Impulse Signals (UWBUSIS’12)

was held in the beautiful Crimea city of great ancient history – Sevastopol, Ukraine, from September 17 till 21, 2012. The venue of the conferencetraditionally was one of the largest technical university of Ukraine, Sevastopol National Technical University. The main organizers of the conference are as usually Kharkov IEEE Joint Chapter, Karazin Kharkiv National University and National Antenna Association of Ukraine. Kharkiv National University is the well-known academic center of East Ukraine founded as early as in 1804.Co-organizers of the conference are Radio Astronomy Institute NASU and Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics NASU.
Figure 1. Conference beginning from registration.
Figure 2. Welcoming speech of Sevastopol Technical University representative to UWBUSIS’2012 participants.

During the opening ceremony Conference Chairman Nikolay Kolchigin (figure 3) and Honorary Chairman Yakov Shifrin explained about the history of the UWBUSIS that was started as workshop in 2002.
Figure 3. Prof. N. Kolchigin explaining the history of UWBUSIS at the Opening Ceremony.

Prominent role in the organization of this conference seriesplayed Prof. Carl E.Baum, USA. He passed away on December 2, 2010, just three months after visiting UWBUSIS’10. This outstanding person contributed much to emerging and maturing of UWB Electromagnetics in whole and in our conference in particular, not only by scientific contributions but also by his unrivaled charm, communicability, and joyous outlook on life. During special session dedicated to thememory of Prof. Carl E. Baum were a lot of warm words from hiscolleague Gordon Boezer and from permanent Conference participants (figures4‑7).
Figure 4. Video presentation is about the participation of Prof. Carl Baum in our conference from 2002.

The Conference provided wide international forum for discussing recent advances in the theory investigations, computer modeling, experiments, technology and applications of ultrawideband and ultrashort impulse signals.

In this year 97 scientific papers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, Poland, and China were presentedon the conference. The UWBUSIS’12 Conference was organized as a plenary session with invited papers, two parallel sessions andonepostersessionfor contributed papers.On the sessions the scientists were able to listen the interest reports of the famous specialists and young scientists in the area of ultrawideband signals and in adjacent areas.
Figure 5. Dr. G. Boezer’s memories about Prof. Carl Baum.
Figure 6. Prof. Ya. Shifrin’smemories about Prof. Carl Baum
Figure 7. Prof. F. Yanovsky’smemories about Prof. Carl Baum
Figure 8. Prof. K. Lukin and Dr. G. Boezer

Among the presentations made on UWBUSIS’12 we would especially like to mention the presentation by Dr. Boezer “It is invented! Now what?” (figure 8) that was given in a brilliant style and without any doubt was very useful for the students and young scientists who are just entering the field of electric engineering and have got a lot of real-life ideas about pitfalls that can be met on the way of moving technology from invention to industry implementation.
Figure 9. Prof. G. Chavka.
Figure 10. Antennas presented by G.Chavka

Participants attention had beenattractedto many interest presentations, for example “Ultrawideband planar antennas and antenna arrays”by Gennadiy Chavka, with designed antenna demonstrating (figure 9, 10), “Vacuum microwave integrated circuits as a tool for protection of radar and communication receivers against high power EMI radiation”by Konstantine Lukin, “Impulse antennas of ultra-short impulse electronic systems” by Alexey Titov (figure11). Wide review of ultrawideband antennas was presented by Tapan Sarkar(figure 12).Heated debates were around reports of Prof. B. L. Young presented byDr. Y. Zhuduring Poster Session (figure13) and during “Theoretical investigation, numericalsimulation. Propagation and scattering innatural and artificial media” Section Session(figure 14).

Some presentationswere given within Poster Session and Young Scientists School.

A special gratitude should be expressed to EuMA for yet another time sponsoring the young scientist contest that undoubtedly helped promoting UWB among new generation of scientists.

The members of the award committee with the section chairs considered presentations of 10 young scientists submitted for the contest. The committee came to the following decision:

1st Awards has not been given. Three 2nd Awards are given to O. Y. Skoblikov from Kharkiv, Ukraine, for presentation “Simulation methods for penetrating of electric fields inside structurally irregular conductive screens”, to V. N. Pasiuga, from Kharkiv, Ukraine,for presentation “Effects of ultra-wideband radiation on viability of human cells” to B. A. Kochetov, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, for paper “Rigorous calculation of ultrashort pulse propagation in a schielded microstrip line using coupled mode expansion in time domain”. Four 3rd Awards are given to N. V. Medvedev, fromKharkiv, Ukraine, for paper “Radiation from the transverse slot cut in a coaxial line in the lossy material medium”, A. A. Nudga, Sevastopol, Ukraine,for paper “Calculation method of radiation multi-band antennas in the far field”, M. N. Legenkiy, from Kharkiv, Ukraine,for paper “Properties of pulse surface waves in a dielectric waveguides”, and M. E. Kaliberda fromKharkiv, Ukraine,for paper “Waves diffraction in coaxial waveguide with slots in the inner conductor”.

The first day of the Conference was finished by warm fellowship participants during welcome party(figure 16,17)
Figure 11. Section discussion, Dr. A. Titov (at left) and Dr. S. Berdnik.
Figure 12. Prof. Tapan Sarkar.
Figure 13. Heated debates on “Logical Reexamination upon the Classical Electromagnetism and Rational Reconstruction of a New Formal System for Describing Dynamic Electromagnetic Fields” during Poster Session.
Figure 14. Dr. Y. Zhu.
Figure 15. Poster Session (from left to right): Prof. T. Sarkar, Dr. N. Blinova, Dr. G. Boezer, Dr. M. Antyufeyeva, Dr. A. Butrym
Figure 16. Welcome party.
Figure 17. Welcome party, Dr. G. Boezer and Prof. D. Vavriv.
Figure 18. Traditional walk along Chersonesos (from left to right): Prof. T. Sarkar, Dr. A. Dumin, Dr. G. Boezer with wife.
Figure 19. Kachi-Kal’on cave monastery.
Figure 20. Bakhchysarai Khan’s Palace, participants of UWBUSIS’2012.

Within the culture program there was a guided tour to Bakhchysarai – the ancient capital of the Crimean Khanate. On the way to the Bakhchysarai there was a shot stop at Kachi-Kal’on cave monastery (figure 19). After having a lunch in a traditional Tatar style restaurant the participants visited the Khan’s Palace or Hansaray (figure 20) – it is one of the Muslim palaces found in Europe. The walled enclosure contains a mosque, a harem, a cemetery, living quarters and gardens. The palace interior has been decorated to appear lived in and reflects the traditional 16th-century Crimean Tatar style. One courtyard contains a small fountain whose sad story so moved the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin when he visited it that he wrote a poem about it titled “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai”. Before leaving back to the Sevastopol we make a short stop in a lovely Tatar caf? nearby the Khan’s Palace where we listened to a story of Bakhchisaray told in front of a huge model of the ancient city and enjoyed a cup of traditional coffee accompanied with delicious eastern sweets.
Figure 21. The Fountain of Bakhchisarai(from left to right): Prof. B. L. Yang, Dr. G. Boezer and Dr.Y. Zhu.

The Conference banquet weregathered all the participants in a friendly, relaxed, and warm atmosphere.

At the Close Ceremony it was discussed a future of the Conference and was proposed to organize special session dedicated to the specific of definition of the far zone for impulse antennas and radar range equation.
Figure 22. Participants of UWBUSIS’2012.

Report prepared by Dr. M. Antyufeyeva and Dr. A. Butrym.