Social events

wp 04/09/2018 Welcome Party,
18:30 – 21:00
UWBUSIS-2018 Conference venue Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications,
1 Koval’s’ka St.(1 Kuznechna st.)
UWBUSIS-2018 Coffee Breaks area.
Excursion, especially for UWBUSIS-2018 with an evening Odessa charm.
17:00 — 20:00
Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odessa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises! Our guides are keen on history of Odessa and shifting in time and space. They always provide an adventurous journey through centuries in the Time Machine. You will walk the streets stepping after A.Pushkin, I.Babel, F.Castro, S.Eisenstein, V. Kandinskiy, Mark Twain and looking at Odessa exactly as they used to. Enjoy every route as much as every tourist attraction you’re heading for. Columbus and Magellan once took the longest routs so as get pleasure on the way to destinations. You can act their way. Experience the Planet Odessa in detail!
During a 2,5-3 hour tour you will see French, Italian and Primorskiy Boulvards, Pushkinskaya Street, Shah`s and Vorontsov’s palaces, the Potemkin Steps and Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Excursion service provided by the tour agency Tudoy-Sudoy
Excursion promotion video

cd 06/09/2018 Conference Dinner (Banquet), live music
18:00 – 23:00
“Luna Bar&Grill” restaurant
90 Kanatna st.