The Fifth International Conference “Ultrawideband and Ultrashort Impulse Signals” (UWBUSIS’10) was held in the beautiful Crimean city of great ancient history – Sevastopol, Ukraine, on September 6 – 10, 2010.

The venue of the conference was one of the largest technical universities of Ukraine, Sevastopol National Technical University. The reports on the previous meetings can be found in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, December 2002, pp. 92 – 94, February 2005, pp. 193 – 196, February 2007, pp. 134 – 138, October 2009, pp. 186 – 225.

Fig. 1. Chairman of UWBUSIS’10 Prof. Nikolay Kolchigin says welcoming to the participants (Opening Session).

The conference provided the international forum for discussing recent advances in theoretical investigations, computer modeling, experiments, technology, and applications of ultrawideband and ultrashort impulse signals. The conference firstly started as a workshop in 2002. It was organized due to joint efforts of Kharkov IEEE Joint Chapter and V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University. In 2002 we met 47 participants. Since then, the number of participants and scientists interested in UWB problems continually grows. The second UWBUSIS workshop (2004) attracted more than 100 participants and 97 contributed papers, the third one (2006) attracted 114 papers and 20 invited among them, the fourth conference (2008) attracted 80 papers and 10 invited among them. This year the Technical Program Committee had invited 10 papers and accepted 74 contributed ones from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, China, Germany and France. The Proceedings of the UWBUSIS’10 were prepared very professionally. It includes 74 papers of 289 pages.

The Conference was organized under the direction of Professor Nikolay Kolchigin from V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University and Professor Yakov Shifrin from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. The main organizers of the conference were as usually Kharkov IEEE Joint Chapter, Sevastopol National Technical University and the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, which is a well known academic centre of Ukraine founded as early as in 1804.

Fig. 2. Video invitation from Honorary Chairman Prof. Yakov Shifrin of UWBUSIS’10 to participants (Opening Session).

Co-organization and sponsorship of the UWBUSIS’10 Conference was fulfilled by the following organizations: the European Microwave Association (EuMA) supported of the young scientist paper contest, Ukraine URSI Committee, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), AP-S IEEE, National Antenna Association of Ukraine, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Radio Astronomy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)], Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of NASU.

The UWBUSIS’10 Conference was organized as a plenary session and two parallel sessions for contributed papers. On plenary sessions the participants listened to the brilliant presentations of the famous specialists in the area of ultrawideband signals and in adjacent areas, namely, Prof. Carl E. Baum (USA), Prof. Robert Gardner (USA), Prof. Igor Immoreev (Russia), Prof. Victor Kravchenko (Russia), and Prof. Felix Yanovsky (Ukraine) (figs. 4, 5).
Fig. 3. First Plenary Session of UWBUSIS’10.

The Conference provided a possibility for discussing recent advances in ultrawideband and ultrashort impulse signal problems on the following subjects:

  • Theoretical investigations, numerical simulations;
  • Generation, radiation, and receiving;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Electromagnetic metrology;
  • Propagation and scattering in natural and artificial materials (complex media, radio absorbers, bio materials, nano-structures, metamaterials etc.);
  • Applications (communications, radar, GPR, medicine, etc.)

Fig. 4. Expressive presentation by Prof. Carl Baum.
Fig. 5. Prof. Robert Gardner talks about susceptibility analysis of complex infrastructure targets.
Each day we had a lot of interesting presentations and active discussions. As usually presentations by Prof. C. Baum and Prof. R. Gardner were extremely interesting and informative for all participants. One of the interesting subjects at the UWBUSUS was presented by Prof. Yu. Shkorbatov on the cellular and molecular effects evoked in biological systems by exposure to ultrashort pulsed radiation and microwave radiation.
On Prof. V. Kravchenko initiative our conference had the special session on New Hybrid Methods (fig. 6).
Fig. 6. Special session on New Hybrid Methods chaired by Prof. V. Kravchenko.

A special gratitude should be expressed to EuMA for yet another time sponsoring the young scientist contest that undoubtedly helped promoting UWB among new generation of scientists.

The members of the award committee: Prof. F. Yanovskiy, Prof. Yu. Gimpelevich, Prof. V. Katrich along with the section chairs considered presentations of 19 young scientists submitted for the contest. The committee came to the following decision:

1st award has not been given;

Three 2-nd awards were given to A. Myakinkov for presentation “Measurement of Coordinates of the Targets Placed Behind of Radio-Transparent Barrier With Multi-Static Ultra-Wide Band Radar”, to L. Varyanitza-Roshchupkina for presentation “Pointwise Radiator in FDTD Method” (fig. 7), and to M. Antyufeyeva for presentation “Pulse Excitation of a Cavity With Dispersive Medium That Refractive Index is Positive and Negative”;
Fig. 7. The 2nd award winner Lyudmila Varyanitza-Roshchupkina.

Four 3-rd awards were given to M. Masini for presentation “Wireless Field Bus Communication With Software Defined IR-UWB in a Manufacturing Environment”, to D. Okhotnikov for presentation “The Motion Trajectory Restoring for Radar Observation of Living Objects”, to D. Churikov for presentation “New Analitycal Kravchenko Wavelets in Spectral Estimation of UWB Signals”, and to S. Alexin for presentation “Reconstruction of Permittivity Profile of Stratified Structures With Losses on Basis of Divergent Beam Probing Using Multifrequency Data in Wide Frequency Band”.

Moreover the Organizing Committee with support of AP/C/EMC/SP Kharkov Joint Chapter of the Ukraine Section and National Antenna Association of Ukraine instituted prizes and diploma for young scientist. O. Simachova, A. Simachov, Yu. Shkvyrya, B. Kochetov, A. Amosova and V. Ruban were awarded by these prizes.

Organizing Committee arranged a good culture program. During the break day in the conference work the participants had opportunity to enjoy beauty of the Black Sea and Crimea Peninsula nature during guiding tour to Crimea Parks (figs. 8, 9).
Fig. 8. UWBUSIS’10 participants on the sight spot with view to Laspy on the way to Foros.
Fig. 9. UWBUSIS’10 participants at the guiding tour to Crimea Parks.
Fig. 10. Hot rock-n-roll dancing at the Banquet performed by Boesers’ couple.

The banquet and welcome party were well organized in order to gather all the participants in a friendly, relaxed, and warm atmosphere (fig. 10). The participants had the opportunity to establish very important scientific contacts and discuss the problems of interest for future cooperation.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the members of program and local organizing committees for successful organizing the meeting at high technical and scientific level, and for impressive culture program.

We have gained a lot of pleasant memories at Conference about all of its aspects: scientific discussions, meetings with colleagues, a few days of stay in the beautiful city on the coast of the warm and tender sea.

The organizers are very grateful to the sponsoring institutions, namely IEEE AP-S and EuMA, which made their great contribution to the success of the UWBUSIS’10 Conference. The organizers are also very thankful to the staff of the Sevastopol National Technical University for their hospitality and support.
Fig. 11 Participants of UWBUSIS’10 in front of the Sevastopol National Technical University main building.